Supporting Animal Rescue

Author: Shauna   Date Posted:5 September 2018 

A little background, I love what I do, I'm passionate about Tea and I'm passionate about supporting Animals in need, and this is one way I can do it. 
Why? I've seen first hand neglect & cruelty, I'm sure you have too, these poor wee rescues often have not known love, have been treated horribly and have had no say in it. Beaten, starved, neglected, the list goes on. 
Each month there will be a new rescue supported by Tea Trend. 20% off all proceeds will go directly to the rescue. 

Supporting this month is: 

To start off, up until Christmas day, Tea Trend will be supporting "Wet Noses Animal Rescue" and after that it will be a new rescue each month. Hit me up if you want to be next on the list! 

Wet Noses profile:

Wet Noses Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue, based in Mount Gambier, South Australia. We are a foster carer based rescue- all of our animals are cared for in foster homes until such time as a loving forever home is found. All adoption fees include desexing, vaccination and microchipping. This vet work along with any other treatments required means that we are constantly in need of funds, to provide appropriate care for the animals.
You can see their facebook page here: Wet Noses Animal Rescue