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Author: Shauna   Date Posted:10 June 2017 

Pimp My Tea!
Learn how to make delicious, cost effective, natural iced tea the easy way! Have a watch on how it's done, even though my cat is cleaning in the video :) 


It's getting close to Christmas!!

Christmas is fast approaching! I've been asked many times "How do Tea for one sets work?" So I did a live on our facebook page, you can see it HERE
Tea for one sets are stylish and oh so practical, the teapot actually warms the cup, all you have to do is add your quality loose leaf tea from Tea Trend to the pot, water and let it brew, it brews on top of the cup.
I've featured Van Gogh ones here, including Iris is a vase and also Almond blossoms.
You can check out my cat in the background! 

How Exciting! We have started a VIP group on Facebook!
Become Tea Inspired! Tea is FUN! We are making it even more fun with Freebies, discounts, Tea Tips PLUS get a chance to taste a new tea for free! 
This is the link Tea Trend VIP Group

Lets talk about Brewing Techniques!
Making a fresh batch of  loose leaf tea will taste a lot better than instant processed tea bags. Same goes with coffee, instant coffee does not taste as good as freshly ground coffee, so many people prefer to take the time to make fresh coffee and add milk, sugar or honey.


Working with  loose leaf tea is easier than it looks. In fact, it’s even easier to make than coffee. There are many ways to brew  loose leaf teas. The following is a list of accessories you can use to brew loose leaf teas all of which are available in our webstore under Teaware

1. A teapot
2. A single infuser
3. An infusing cup / mug
3. Use an Ezy Brew

Brewing Technique 1:

Spoon some loose leaf tea into a teapot and add hot water. Let steep for a few minutes. Pour tea for yourself and others to enjoy. Add more water to re-steep the same batch. The nice thing about a teapot is that you can share. 

Brewing Technique 2:

Same with technique 1, use a spoon to fill the tea infuser with loose leaf tea. Place the infuser in a cup of hot water, wait for a few minutes, remove the infuser, and your tea is ready to enjoy!

Brewing Technique 3:

Spoon some loose leaf tea into your infusing mug infuser, pour over hot water and place the lid on top. Wait the desired time, remove the lid and the infuser. Enjoy! 

Brewing Technique 4.

Place your loose leaf tea directly into the Ezy Brew, add hot water, when it's brewed for the desired time, simple put the Ezy Brew on TOP of your mug and press down, your tea will strain right through! To stop it, just lift it up.